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What are the advantages of PC and PMMA?

Dec 11, 2022, 9:57:45 AM

1. Physical properties: PC has better toughness and impact strength than PMMA, PMMA is brittle material.

2. Temperature resistance: PC is better than PMMA, and TG of PC reaches 120 °, PMMA only 85 °.

3. Wear resistance: PC is better than PMMA, but the surface scratch resistance is far less than PMMA, so PMMA is added to the high gloss ABS material to make alloy modification.

4. Fire resistance: PC is better than PMMA, that is, fire resistance is good, ordinary PC can go to v2.

24in1 T2M 50x50mm lens

5. Light transmittance: PMMA has a lot better light transmission performance than PC, PMMA has a light transmittance of 92-93%, which is the best in transparent material. Therefore, it is often used with multi light guiding plate and medical equipment, and PC is only 86-89%.

6. Weather resistance: PMMA has excellent weather resistance, often used as outdoor products, PC for outdoor products to add UV agents and antioxidants.

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