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Primary and secondary optical design of LED LENS

Dec 11, 2022, 9:58:20 AM

Before high-power LED lighting components become luminaire products, optical design is generally carried out twice:

  • The first optical design is the design carried out when LED IC is packaged into LED optoelectronic components to solve the LED light angle, light intensity, and luminous flux. , Light intensity distribution, the range and distribution of color temperature;
  • Secondary optical design is to change the optical performance of the light after passing through an optical lens. (Generally, high-power LEDs have a primary lens, and the light-emitting angle is about 120 degrees.)

Size: L50*W50mm,4in1 lens, Angle T2M cutoff, 5050 LED

We must clearly realize that primary optical design is the basis of secondary optical design. Only when the primary optical design and packaging are reasonable to ensure the light quality of each LED light-emitting component, can the secondary optical design be carried out on the basis of the primary optical design to ensure the light quality of the entire light-emitting system. Simply put, the purpose of the primary optical design is to extract as much light as possible from the LED chip; the purpose of the secondary optical design is to make the light emitted by the entire luminaire system meet the design requirements.

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